Live NBA Scoreboard

I wanted to share my project with anyone who was interested. I am very bad at documenting things, however I am willing to help people with questions if they contact me, or better leave them in the comments so others can view them. Before explaining anything, you can see a quick youtube video demo below. The scores in the demo is from April 13, 2011.


Below is a quick Summary of how stuff works and what I did. For more detailed information download the source files and documentation below.

Very Quick Summary:

Using automator, built into OSX I have it return the mobile NBA website's contents (this is key because the full NBA website uses flash to display scores). Next I have automator filter the paragraphs keeping only lines with the @ sign, this works very well and only keeps the scores. The next problem is the scores vary significantly, location of data and their formatting are different each time. I wrote a parser in Java to format the data to a consistent format, finally the data is transferred out the serial port using RXTX (a java based serial communicator) to an Xbee module where it is transferred to the scoreboard. The scoreboard is running off a atmega 32 where the data is in a known state is displayed to the board. The board does not care about the information so porting a custom scoreboard or any other sport would all be computer ended and not require a firmware update. For detailed information about the hardware and how it was all put together see the PDF below. Also feel free to contact me with any questions if you are curious about a particular part that you are trying to develop.

Final Note: At peak power (every LED on with wireless transfering peaks out at 36W (2A @ 18V) with a cheap laptop power supply.

I did find a java html parser online that I was thinking about porting to until I got super busy so I could use it with Windows/Linux.

Source Files and Documentation

Documentation (PDF) Also my grammar sucks.

SourceFiles (Includes above PDF in folder)

Links to Significant Hardware

Most Parts from Sparkfun

Large Segment Displays

Team Names: Sure 3208 LED Matrix

Cheap Power Supply: Amazon